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Things to Consider before Considering an Antenna Install in Your Attic

Before installing an antenna in your attic there are some questions you should ask yourself. Will there be space in your attic for accommodating a regular sized antenna? How will be the signal quality inside the attic? Which type of antenna will work best for the attic? How much material do the signals have to penetrate in order to reach the antenna in your attic? These questions and their answers will determine whether and how you should have  digital antenna in your attic.

How do building materials influence antenna strength?

The functionality of your attic antenna (or for that matter any antenna) will depend on the signal strength. Signal strength is highly influenced if there is any kind of material between the TV and the antenna. This means that your channels will come in blurry with squiggly lines across the screen. The thickness of the building material in your attic is actually an obstruction for your antenna.

What is the type of your roof?

The four common options in roofs are metallic, masonry, brick or tiled. If you expect the station transmitter of your antenna to penetrate any one of these four materials then the antenna will have diminished functions. However signals can easily penetrate through wood, vinyl and common roofing materials. If your attic has an asphalt shingle covered roof then your antenna should be functioning fine.

Don’t choose an antenna which is too small in size. It is better to install the antenna outside your home if it does not fit the attic.