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Things To Know About Tour Packages Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is south Asia’s one of the diverse country and highly popular by the name of ‘The Wonders of Asia.’ This tiny island is absolutely mesmerizing by its extensive beauty. The lovely sea beaches, the vast diverse families of wild animals and the ancient history are always ready to welcome you. Nature is amazingly combined with the historical architecture here. This short description is enough to make you thrilling to visit the petite country sooner or later. Before planning to visit Sri Lanka there are some things described below which you should know about tour packages Sri Lanka to make your holiday travel absolutely hassle-free and memorable.

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country which is surrounded all over by the Indian Ocean. Two different monsoon seasons occur in the northeast zone and the southwest zone which is known as ‘maha’ monsoon and ‘yala’ monsoon respectively. The intense ‘yala’ monsoon’s duration is April or may to September whereas less severe ‘maha’ monsoon hits the country by the month of November and stays up to March. So, the best time to visit in northeast Sri Lanka is April to September and in the southwest is December to March.

Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

The list would not be finish quickly as there is vast diversification can be seen in Sri Lanka when it comes to natural beauty, as well as manmade beauty. Take tour packages Sri Lanka which is the best option to travel. The cities like Colombo, Kandy and Galle are the sign of modern beauty along with Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. To enjoy natural beauty you can visit the Badulla, Nuwara Eliya or Ratnapura. Never forget to visit the ‘Cobra Hood Cave’ which is one of the unique and very popular sights seen of Sri Lanka.

Check Out the Safety Purposes

Political conflict occur every now and then in Sri Lanka. Due to the recession and many other reasons criminal violence on tourists also are very common in some places. Be aware of international terrorism too. Apart from man-made hazardous, you should also be careful from natural calamities as viral and bacterial infections attacks very often to the tourists. There are some cautions should be taken by the organizers of tour packages Sri Lanka where the natural disasters happen frequently.

Follow Regional Customs

As a tourist, you must follow some customs when you are in Sri Lanka. The cities are all right where you can wear anything and everything but inside the provincial areas you should mind your attire as the places are highly conservative. During the Poya festival, there is a ban on alcohol and meats which should be followed by the travelers too.

Festivals of Sri Lanka

The best time to take tour packages Sri Lanka is during the festivities. You can experience Vesak festival, kataragama Perahera, Duruthu Perahera and Esala Perahera like many other festivals in Sri Lanka. Poson is a very important ritual festival you would like to enjoy as it brings peace.

So, pack your bag, take passport and visa and get ready to say hello to Sri Lanka by exploring the authentic beauty. Click here for the latest tour deals!