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Tips for Buying Dress Shoes for Men

There are always certain occasions where your casual footwear or sneakers just wouldn’t fit in. There are also times when your lace-up Oxfords would make you equally uncomfortable. So how do you decide what to wear, when and with what? There are certain cardinals that you need to follow to make the perfect choice. There are tips to consider when buying shoes for men.

The Quality

The personality of a person is judged by the shoe he wears. Therefore, consider investing a bit more on your dress shoe rather than compromising on quality.

Always go for a good leather shoes with leather soles. Ensure that the leather is of good quality which is soft on your feet, doesn’t develop cracks and has a smooth finish. The sole should be stitched and not glued at the bottom.  The glued soles may get unstuck after sometime and may cause you an embarrassment.

The lining should be preferably of good neutral leather. The stitches should be neat and only marginally visible.

The Style

You should always keep in mind the dress, the material of the dress and of course the occasion before buying mens designer shoes.

In a formal set-up, lace-up Oxfords can be paired with almost every suit you may have. They are truly classic, elegant and dressy. If properly matched, you would be your most dashing self in a dapper suit and a quality dress shoe. You may choose a cap-toe Oxford with a stylish and fine fabric suit.

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