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Tips for Creating a Bathroom for the Differently-abled

When bathrooms are designed for handicapped people the aims are clear. The goals are to provide a safer, more comfortable and easy environment to the differently abled individual. There are a few factors which should be considered and the advice of expert  Plumbers North Brisbane should be sought to get a different kind of bathroom designed.

Special features

Grab bars compliant with ADA standards should be put in the shower so that the person can support himself while taking the shower. These bars can be installed next to the bath tub and near the toilet area too. This will make the bathroom user friendly for a person who has impaired abilities.

Precautions to be taken

Al the exposed wiring should be cleverly concealed to prevent any possibility of contact. The same holds true for the exposed plumbing too. The edges on the furniture which are sharp can be covered with a sponge layer to smoothen them out.

It’s a well known fact that elderly people and people with different capacities are more prone to slipping and hurting themselves on wet floors. The best thing to do here is to apply a slip proof layer/ coating on the floor.

Invest in walk-ins

A walk in tub is one in which a door will slide open to allow a person inside. A walk in shower is on the same level with the rest of the floor and is therefore wheel chair friendly. Both these facilities will make life easier for the physically challenged.

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