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Tips for Getting Tax Back for Temporary Residents in Australia

You came to Australia on a temporary work visa and thoroughly enjoyed your stint here. You had all the fun you dreamt of, worked at different places, stayed at working hostels in Sydney or personal accommodations, experienced the wild beauty of this nation and gathered memories you will cherish for life! Now it’s time to return home or move on to new places. As part of the departure process, you will have to take care of some paperwork, including your tax refund papers.

Collect your Payment Summary

Each time you leave a particular job and take up a new contract, request your former employer for a payment summary. This indicates your total income during that particular employment tenure and the tax that has already been deducted on your behalf by the employer and submitted to the ATO (Australian Taxation Office).

This is because under Australian law, an employee deducts the taxable amount from your income and submits the same to the ATO on your behalf.  You must collect this payment summary from each and every employer as you will need all of them while submitting your tax returns.

Adhere to Timelines

Do remember that the Australian financial year starts from 1st July and terminates on 30th June. You must file your returns by 31st October and allow a time of six weeks before you know whether you are eligible for refund on not. Irrespective of your current residence, you can always file your tax returns online or through a tax agent or tax volunteer.

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