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Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Decks

Maintaining a hardwood floor deck is essential for enhancing its lifespan. With time, the wood can age and splinters may be caused or the structure as a whole may be prone to getting collapsed posing a serious safety hazard. Outdoor decks tolerate a lot of heat, rain and shine, and are prone to damage due to these factors.

So the next time while you enjoy your outdoor daytime gathering, or relaxation by the pool with a good book, pay attention to the condition of your deck. A little maintenance such as cleaning and wooden floor polishing may go a long way in keeping up its look and making it last longer especially if your deck is more than a decade old.

Here are some simple yet efficient tasks which can be easily carried out to increase the lifespan of your wooden deck.

Thorough Cleaning

A wooden deck is susceptible to warping, splinters and cracks. Timely intervention can save it from being further damaged. During warm weathers, choose to give your deck a thorough cleaning. It may not seem essential, but loosening and getting rid of the dust and grime such as leaves, pine needles, moss and other debris is advised. If left untreated, these are prone to accumulation of moisture which in time may cause the ageing of wood.

Putty knives or butter knives can help you get rid of debris accumulated between the wooden boards. After this, use a deck cleaning liquid along with a scrubbing brush for effectively getting rid of the grime. This cleaning activity is best when done on a cloudy day as it will prevent the cleaning liquid from evaporating. Check for any signs of decay on the entire deck including beneath it. It can cause the deck to collapse and hence need to be taken care of.

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