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Tips for Taking Creatine

Counted amongst the most popular Protein Supplements for men, creatine has a number of key benefits. Male athletes are known to consume quantities of creatine on a daily basis, so as to ensure the process of muscle building in their body stays on track. Creatine is basically a muscle energizer which is typically produced in the body itself – by the liver, pancreas, which is then carried by the blood stream, into the muscle mass of the body.

There are several tips which has been repeatedly advised or recommended, on the correct consumption habits, by fitness experts.

Prior to work out

Ideally Creatine powders must be  consumed at least fifteen minutes to half an hour before you begin your workout session. Although popular public opinion suggests otherwise, which is completely incorrect by the way.

Creatine powder intake should happen before the workout and not after. The reason is that creatine is a protein which needs to be stored in the muscles, so when you work out, it energizes the muscles accordingly, and let them build on.

As it is, if you try and take creatine after your workout, you will not like it very much. A grueling exercise can make you feel tired and a tad bit sick, thus making it difficult for you to gulp down the creatine.

Take a Break

When you start consuming creatine powders, remember to take a break from the habit, after every few weeks. Say, you’re have just finished 2 weeks of its intake, go on for another four weeks, and then pull the breaks.

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