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Tips on Choosing Between Window Blinds and Tints when Setting up a New Home

When setting up a home for the first time, there are several things to consider including how to decorate your windows. To spruce up your large windows, you can either install blinds or opt for window tinting. While both blinds and films have their own pros and cons, it is more sensible to install window films than invest in window blinds.

Window Tinting is more Affordable

Blinds and curtains certainly look beautiful, but these are quite expensive too. Good quality blinds or curtain fabrics cost hundreds of dollars and you have to invest in additional items for proper installation. On the other hand, good quality window films are at least 50 – 70% less expensive than the best of blinds or curtains. The films last typically for years and you don’t have to buy any additional gadgets for them.

Installing Window Films is more Convenient

With window films, there are no hassles such as measuring your windows or selecting the most appropriate colours that goes with your walls or furnishings. The residential Window tinting Sydney will measure all the windows, cut the roll of film as per the required size of each window and install them then and there. There are no waiting periods before your new curtains arrive, no shopping around for the best materials and price, no bargaining and no worries with quality.

Window Films Provide Maximum Privacy

Windows are intended to provide you with a clear view of the outside world. However, often you have to keep the curtains and blinds drawn in order to maintain your privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors or passers by. Curtains and blinds therefore do not do complete justice to the very purpose of having windows in your new home. Only films allow you to enjoy the outside view from the comforts of your home without sacrificing your privacy.