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Tips on Choosing Mattresses when you have a Bad Back Problem

Sleeping is the only time when your spinal cord completely relaxes. So it is very important that the posture and position of your back remains in a good condition. Mattresses play the most important role for the position of your spine while sleeping.

Hard mattresses

According to experts of sleep, less cushioning effect of mattresses provide better neutral position to spine during sleep. When you sleep on a hard mattress, bones bear the most of the pressure. This facilitates your muscle’s arteries and veins to relax which improves the blood circulation in the body for a better sleep. Hard mattresses prevent collapsing of your lower back. This position does not constrict your airways and allows you to intake more and more oxygen as you already know that sufficient quantity of oxygen is crucial for a good sleep.

Changing your mattress is not an easy task as if you used to sleep on a soft mattress for a long time then you may feel a bit uncomfortable on a hard one but after some time you will enjoy this with a good sleep and a healthy back without any pain. People with health issues like rheumatism, back pain, arthritis, weak capillaries, should not sleep on hard mattresses because it will put an extra pressure on their back which is not good for a person with a bad back problem.

Material used in the mattresses plays a vital role in the comfort and problems regarding back pain. Spring mattresses are not good for better support and alignment of back as latex mattresses or memory foam mattresses can provide.

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