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Tips on Choosing the Right Truck Size when Moving

Renting a truck when moving house involve a much bigger decision of choosing the right truck size for a safe and pleasant moving experience. It is one of the most critical decisions when you decide to move yourself. If the size of your rented truck turns out to be too small for your belongings then you may have to panic at the last minute. If it is too small, you may even have to force yourself to confront last minute removals from your belonging list which you would never like to happen.

What Truck Size Should You Choose

In Australia, most truck rental operators categorize trucks in terms of mass like 2 tonne, 3 tonne and above. Though mass is important, it varies from goods to goods and hence it is more important to consider the space or the volume that the trucks offer because that shows how much you can fit in. An average ideal space for a moving truck is given by 16.8 cubic metres.

Consult Truck Rental Companies

It would be a good idea to consult some truck rental companies and know what they recommend for your possessions. A nearly accurate estimation will help you save money. Make sure of truck licensing before you drive. In Australia, a C class license for truck hire is enough in case truck load do not exceed 4.5 tonne, collectively with the truck weight. However, before hiring, seek out reviews and make sure the company is reputable and reliable. KT Moller Removals and Storage services in Perth WA and Brisbane QLD is the best to hire.