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Tips on Storing Your Kid’s Toys

You cannot expect your children to take care and organize their belongings accordingly. But don’t lose heart…instead of yelling at your kids or tearing your hair in frustration you can just follow some simple tips from a Storage Services to stay organized and maintain a semblance of tidiness around the house.

De-clutter Regularly

This is absolutely essential if you don’t want to lose yourself under piles of toys and stuff. Have a yearly schedule for taking stock of toys and identify those toys that are important or are still used by your child. Plan to donate older toys that are no longer in use. This is especially important immediately after birthdays and Christmas when children are flooded with toys and gifts. If you don’t want to donate, store older toys in a storage shed and use as required. However, do remember that you child must himself put the toys back into the storage shed once he is through with playing with them.

Invest in Toy Bins

Get some large colourful bins for storing toys if you do not have a storage shed. Bins are really handy and can be easily handled by children. They will love have multi-coloured bins in their room and it will be like a daily game for them to browse through different bins and pick up the toys they want to play with.

Store Similar Toys Together

When storing the bins in the storage shed, always club similar toys together for quick access and better storage. Print labels in child-friendly fonts and with images and stick onto the bins for easy identification. Your child will just love the process of identifying bins, taking out toys and putting them back again. You too will have a more organized home in the long run.

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