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Tips To Reduce Your Paper In Your Office

Word processing software has an option to revise and edit documents on screen. This way you do not need to waste paper for printing un-revised versions of the document, and you can only print the final edited version.

As much as possible, try to restrict all official communication to on-line mediums. You can use email and share spreadsheets instead of creating official memos and so on.

For company meetings and discussions, use a whiteboard to jot down notes, take a picture of this and share it among colleagues. This saves on the paper you would waste for taking down notes and then printing them into minutes.

Create an e-newsletter instead of a printed one. They are all the rage anyway!

Find services that allow you to file invoices online.

Save paper while in the printing room

Use word processing software to preview how your document will look when you print it. It will save you the horror of printing page after page and getting to know of your errors after the printing is done.

Software like Green Print analyses the document you want to print and removes pages with little or no content so that you do not unintentionally end up printing unwanted pages.


Paper mache is a by product of paper. Thankfully, paper is a recyclable material. This means, there is no chance of any health hazard or wastage of resources. Paper suppliesĀ such as paper mache can be recycled and reused again. In fact, reusing paper mache is a great way to enlighten the children about conservation and importance of natural resources.