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Traversing the Ocean World with a Shark for company

In today’s world, nothing is out of reach for human beings. But exploring the ocean world with a shark for company is literally an out of the world experience. The Ningaloo Whale Shark tours offer this amazing experience every year to hundreds of tourists. Ningaloo reef in Western Australia is popular for its fringing coral reef, which is said to be the largest in the world and it gets visited annually by the biggest fish in the planet due to this very reason.

A length of about 18m, a gigantic mouth with about 3000 small teeth, facts like these about the whale sharks are enough to scare anyone. But these gentle creatures feed on plankton and travels across the ocean in search for their food. They visit the Ningaloo marine park every year from April to July, due to which the area floods with tourists who rush in for the famous Ningaloo Whale Shark tours where they get the chance of a lifetime to swim with these giants.

The sharks are usually spotted singular and they are spotted by the spotter planes who then convey the area where they are located, so that the tourists can head there. The process is supervised by trained divers and instructors which makes it totally safe and the swimmers are also given the necessary instructions and guidelines before they take off for their swim with the Ningaloo Whale Shark.

While the experience is amazing, the safety of these creatures should be assured in every possible way. Both the swimmers as well as the boat operators should be educated and instructed about not harming these creatures or their feeding in any manner. These sharks have survived a lot many years on this earth more than the human beings and we should actively strive to protect this species and save it from the risk of extinction.

The Ningaloo Whale Shark festival is an event organized in the honor of these gigantic guests who visits the Ningaloo reef annually. It also aims to create awareness for the protection and conservation of these creatures along with a party held to celebrate its visit. Started in 2002, it is attended by visitors from all over the world who are made aware about the threats faced by these creatures.

Human beings should live in harmony with the nature. The balance in nature should never be harmed for selfish benefits. The whale sharks are caught and exploited for selfish economic benefits. Every possible step should be taken for the safety of these creatures and to prevent the total extinction of these gentle fishes.