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Treatment of Asbestos Disease

Asbestos is a hazardous material that can affect our health. There are some buildings that were constructed for the past few decade that needs to be demolish for there is a greater chance of presence of asbestos on it.  Hiring Asbestos removal Brisbane to check your home or commercial property is a good idea.

On of the common form of cancer that we can get from it is mesothelioma. At the moment, science has not found out an efficient cure of mesothelioma. Its treatment process is very long. It consists of various surgeries and long and intensive chemotherapy sessions. Despite of the fact that it may take years to get noticed and is found out only during the later stages of disease, these treatments have been really effective in improving the prognosis of patient.
Radiation therapy can also be used to get rid of this disease. It is normally accompanied with surgery and chemotherapy. However the best way to stay away from that disease is to take enough precautionary measures. Asbestos removal companies can treat your house so that all the asbestos is removed and the place is clear to live.

Where to look for it

You should typically look for asbestos in the following areas of your home:
•    Building boards.
•    Roof shingles.
•    Asbestos cement cladding.
•    Flat and corrugated sheeting.
•    Ceiling coatings.
•    Textured paint.
•    Linoleum backing.
•    Floor tiles.
•    Pipes.

Safe Removal

If it’s held fast within 10 square meters and if you want to take care of it by yourself, then don’t, at any cost, use power tools; always wear a half-face filter respirator or a disposable P2 mask; take the entire sheets off (without using power tools) and dispose them in the local asbestos dump.

However, it is always advisable to contact a specialist before taking matters into your own hands. Asbestos Removal can be quite risky and if it’s not handled properly, it can be dangerous.