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Types of Air Diffusers for Ducted Residential Air Conditioning Systems

An air diffuser is a piece of equipment used to make available a uniform and continuous supply of air in a room. It is an essential element in Air Conditioning units and increases the efficiency of the system by distributing the cooled air. The air diffuser helps maintain an even flow of air throughout the room eliminating drafts and warm areas. This enhances the efficiency of the air conditioner.

The working of an air diffuser is quite simple. Air flows into the diffuser through a duct. The diffuser channels the air into a number of smaller streams. The air streams are distributed throughout the room.

Several kinds of air diffusers are available for air conditioners. The type and size of the air diffuser depends upon several factors. These involve the design of the air conditioner, the layout and size of the room and the location of windows and doors.

The design of the air diffuser determines the location of the gadget, as well.

There is a selection of common air diffusers.

Louvre Blade Diffuser

This type of air diffuser is placed in the ceiling. The diffuser has curved blades that can deflect the air in four directions.

A variation of the louvre deflector is the round deflector, which is very popular because of its aesthetic appeal. It blends into the ceiling and looks identical from every direction.

Straight Blade Diffuser

These can control the flow in one direction, generally. Some varieties have adjustable blades. They are cheaper than the louvre blade kind.

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