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Types of Brain Injuries

The fractures that occur along the suture lines are called Diastatic skull fractures. These are most commonly seen in the new born babies. In case of basilar skull fracture, the most serious of brain injuries, the bone at skull’s base gets severely affected. It also results in the development of bruises around the eyes and ears. The affected person has to go under deep observations in the hospital for a long duration.

Diffuse axonal injury

This type of injury is caused by the rapid shaking of the skull in to and fro motion, like in a car accident. Severe DAI can even put the patient in coma for a prolonged duration. You must consult a Personal Injury Lawyer.


This is categorized under mild injuries. It is an injury to the head that causes the affected individual to lose the alertness for some time after the hit. This duration can vary from a few minutes to a few hours.

Skull fracture

This injury is of a higher degree. The impact on the head is so hard that is causes the skull to develop cracks, known as skull fracture. There are four types of skull fractures namely, linear skull fracture, depressed skull fracture, Diastatic skull fracture and basilar skull fracture.

Linear and depressed skull fracture

The linear skull fracture is the mildest one. It just causes the break to bone but doesn’t cause it to move from its position. A few days of observation in hospital are enough for the patient to recover from it. Depressed skull fractures are caused by blunt force trauma. The common examples are getting struck with a rock or experiencing a blow by a hammer. The patient may need to go under surgery to recover.

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