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Types of Common Household Pipework Problems

Every household has its share of problems, and pipework problems are one of the most common types of problems faced by many people. As the house grows old, it starts to break down. One of the first things to break down is the pipes in the house. Rusting, corrosion, pimpling, and flaking are some of the common problems that pipes are beset by. Most of the problems occur as the fittings in the pipe start to wear out with age and begin to leak water. The leaking water causes its own share of problems such as mould, and moss growing on the pipes.

Whenever a problem occurs in the pipework, the best thing to do is call a reputed professional from the nearest plumbing services that can look into the problem and fix it as soon as possible. Some of the commonly occurring household pipework problems for which you need to call plumber Melbourne are:

a) Deteriorating health of polybutylene pipes

Most of the problems in polybutylene pipes occur due to bad installation of the pipes. But sometimes, the problems can also be due to the oxidation of the polybutylene caused due to the water running through it. The oxidation can cause problems on the inside of the pipes since the chemical oxidants are carried in the water flowing through the pipe, and thus as the pipe deteriorates from the inside it can be difficult to gauge the health of the pipe if it looks all right from the outside. As such when a polybutylene pipe breaks apart and a leak occurs, it can be of a very severe nature since the pipe is basically eaten up from the inside.

b) The design of the pipework

In many old houses, the pipework is so designed that it is difficult to revamp the house and build additional features in the house. Having to replace the pipework in the entire house just to have the space to build something new is very expensive and hard. Hence before you renovate your house or draw up plans for some kind of rework in your home, you should call commercial plumbing Brisbane to first have a look at the existing layout of the pipework and see if any renovation is possible or not. This problem is especially common in the old houses where the pipework was not laid down with the idea of future reworks.

c) Leaky copper pipes

Copper pipes and other metal pipes are very prone to rust and corrosion which can cause the pipes to develop leaks. Not only do these leaks increase the amount of water used in your house thereby increasing your water bills but they can also cause some other problems in the house which can lead to damages and deterioration. For instance, the water leaking from the pipes in the kitchen can cause mould and damp and in the bathroom, it can cause grout in the tiles. Therefore, this too is an important problem that needs to be taken care of as soon as it occurs.