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Types of Contact Lenses

There are different type of contact lenses that you can buy. The two main types of contact lenses are – soft lenses and gas permeable. What we are going to discuss is the latter type.

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses

The gas permeable rigid contact lens and are also called as RGP which was introduced much before the soft ones were introduced. This type of contact lens have been a series of advancements in this field which has led to much improved form of RGPs which enable more passage of oxygen to the cornea.

They are smaller than the soft lenses and are placed within the corneal area. They are however, less popular than the soft ones as they take longer for the eyes to get used to them. it is more frequently used by those who have very high power,

These RGPs are also available in different designs, fits, and materials and power so that it can match your vision. Though they are not very popular among consumers, it is believed that they are healthier for long and full time usage. Also they are better for correcting eyes which are of irregular shape and are more durable. They can last for over six months to 1 year and they are more cost effective.

Scleral contact lenses

Another type of contact lenses which have gain popularity over the years is the scleral contact lenses which are quite large and rigid. They arch over the cornea and most of the sclera. They are much more comfortable for regular usage as they are not directly in contact with the cornea and their edges lie below the eyelids.