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Unregistered Cars – What You Need to Do?

Any unregistered vehicle can be driven to/from the nearest motor registry or vehicle inspection station or the nearest possible location for purpose of registration or insurance. If any you drive an unregistered vehicle in any other route, you will be fined and/or your vehicle might be seized.

In case of Accident when your car is unregistered

In case your car is unregistered, you will have major financial implications. Once the accident occurs when your car is unregistered, contact Car Accident Lawyers Sydney immediately. They can legally help you out. Even if your car is insured, this third party insurance is not valid when your registration is not complete or expired. Hence you will be liable to pay to compensate for any loss or injured.

Driving an unregistered uninsured vehicle is an offence. This need not happen on highways or far off from home. This rule is applicable even if the accident happens around your home or in nearby localities.

A vehicle is considered unregistered if the registration fee is not paid on or before the expiry date. You must pay the registration fee at least within 3 months from the expiry date else your registration will be cancelled. You must return the name plates to the RTA within 14 days from cancellation failing which is an offence. After this you need to register it new to continue driving that vehicle.

For these reason, to be safe on yourself and your finances, it is better to drive vehicle only which are properly registered.

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