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Upholstery Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Here is the situation. Your couch has stains, the upholstery fabric on the easy chair is wearing out and needs a change and the ottoman emits a musty odour.

What should you do?

You may buy cleaners at the store to take out the stain, you can buy new fabric and change the upholstery in Brisbane and you can spray a fabric freshener to give all your furniture a newer feel. Would you do it on your own or contact a professional? Here are a few reasons why you should go to the professional.

Tough stains

While a small food stain can be removed by store-bought products, tougher stains can be removed only with the right chemicals. And the right chemicals are available only with a professional. These are customized to suit the fabric and, usually, do not contain harsh chemicals that will cause more damage. Scrubbing harder with your over the counter product may wear out the fabric.


All fabrics absorb odours and retain them. The smells are more prominent if you are a smoker (or live with one) or you have pets that are allowed indoors. Only professionals have the necessary material that will remove the odour and let the fabric on your furniture breathe. Save yourself the embarrassment when you have guests over and contact a professional.

Type of fabric

Furniture upholstery can be of two broad categories – natural (cotton, jute, leather) or synthetic (synthetic leather and other materials, vinyl). One cleaning product cannot be used for all types of upholstery. Only a professional has the right cleaning chemical for each of these materials.