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Video Training: Why is it Trending?

In today’s generation, we already have a fast-paced technology and more businesses are utilizing options offered by the Internet. The popularity of social networking sites and video sites like YouTube and Facebook has dragged the attention of businesses as it makes up 25% of all searches in Google. The utilization of video training has become one of the options preferred by most businesses and organizations. Organization and business training video production can be easily accessed through the Internet.

Video is considered as the fastest way of creating an appealing learning experience online for the public. When organizations and businesses choose Sydney training video production, it becomes very simple for them to connect with their trainees. But how can your video be more efficient?

The very first step of creating a good business training video production is to create a plan. By creating a plan, this means that you have to know what should be in the video from the start until the end. You should create an outline about the topics or courses to be discussed in the video. Know the length of the entire video in order to put everything that’s essential. Identify the location and date of your video shooting, as well as if you needed any crew such as an editor, producer or cameraman. Most importantly, determine the budget needed for your production.

After creating the plan for your training video production, it’s time to make it happen. The primary thing you have to learn is to understand the design basics of creating a video. With a number of online videos on different websites, it may seem very intimidating but it’s very simple. One of the usual mistakes committed when making a video training is the length. A person will get bored watching an hour of video and you don’t like that. It’s suggested that a good video production should range from 2-7 minutes long. Always make a “connection” to your trainees. Start the video by presenting the instructor. Tell the trainees about the topics that will be learned throughout the video. Show the instructions about the topic (e.g. cooking techniques) and finish the video through a summary of what transpired.

In making the video, make sure that the instructor undergoes practice before the day of the shoot. Give the instructor an outline script of what’s going to happen in the training video production, as well as the goals that should be achieved at the end. Always have a dry-run before the shooting day.

Always remember that your training video production should be simple, easy to understand and straight to the point. Don’t create any videos that are longer than the 10 minutes, but if it’s needed, then cut them into parts.