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Waste Segregation Advantage

Proper segregation of domestic waste, recyclables and hazardous materials should be done at home. Classification of waste has a lot of benefits it can bring. Call Skip bins rental Brisbane to classify your domestic waste.


You might not know, but should you categorize waste products of your home, waste management team can comfortably send them to the recycling department, where most of these waste products are recycled and put into use again.

For an instance, 600 kilogram of diesel can be generated by recycling one ton of waste plastic. In the same way, from a waste of 1500 tons of waste papers, 1200 tons of paper can be generated. For obtaining this amount of paper, thousands of trees are required to be cut. Therefore, recycling can save so many trees, and can keep the environment green and clean.


Biodegradable waste such as, food products, kitchen waste, fruits and vegetables etc. can be used for producing compost. The compost made with the decomposition of these waste materials is rich in various nutrients, and can provide a great food to trees and plants. You can use that compost in the garden of your home, and can enhance the aesthetics of your home.

You can also plant trees producing fruits and vegetables, and enjoy organic fruits and vegetables, which are completely free from the use of chemicals. Compost obtained from waste products will increase the fertility of your land, and hence will foster the growth of your trees and plants.

Step towards Humanity

You can take a great step towards humanity, if you donate them in charity. There might be numerous needy people out there for whom your waste products can be very beneficial. Your kind initiative would be like a gift to them.

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