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Ways to Make Your Web Design Better

If you are a budding entrepreneur and want to increase your business’ popularity, having your own website may be a good idea. However, hiring an expert in web design to create your web design for you is just too expensive sometimes. Do not fret though, you can build your dream web design yourself. You just need to learn some of the codes and follow these tips in creating and effective web design. In no time, roughly about a month or two you can have your rough website running.

  1. Your website should reflect your company’s mission and vision. Choose your color scheme based on your company’s needs. Make sure also to include the company’s logo where everyone can easily see and identify it.
  2. Make sure to know what type of content you are going to put in your website. Will it be text heavy or image heavy? Remember that unlike print ads, people are less likely to read long blocks of texts in the screen so it is better to keep them to a minimum. However, if you cannot keep from putting lots of paragraphs, make sure that there is enough spacing for easier reading and that the layout is text-appropriate.
  3. Ensure good navigation and usability. The key to having an effective website is to make sure that users will be able to make their way through your content on their own. You can do this by putting well-labeled navigation bars that could orient them as to where they are in your website. Moreover, you can apply design principles such as proper positioning and sizing to emphasize on the more essential information.
  4. Use conventional layout. Although video backgrounds and unique layouts can give your website a unique feel, sometimes they make the websites run slower. Aside from speed, they can create more confusion. Using a conventional layout will make for a more comfortable and smoother navigation for the users.
  5. Use the lingo. When making your websites make sure that use the terms users are more familiar with. For example, when you want them to join your cause, you ask them to “sign up” not to “discover more”. Using the lingo would ensure that you communicate your message without them needing to exert a lot of effort to understand.
  6. Test your website. Try using your website as a user and not as the content provider. Try to see which links you would click first. Can you find the information you’re looking for easily? When you find yourself getting impatient with your website, chances are your users will be too. To have a more unbiased view, you can even ask a friend to check it for you.

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