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Wedding Day Dance

The ceremony is over and all those posed and prepared photographs have been taken and now are the time for the celebration. The nerves are a little calmer and the smiles a little broader as the bride and groom enter as man and wife.

That first dance between the bride and groom may seem like a small affair to the general population but it is in fact the first moment that the two will move in unison as one and this is a moment every wedding photographer needs to document properly. The song has been chosen with care and thought and is one that personifies their union, and bares a strong meaning and an emotional tie that nobody else knows about.

A groom who hates to dance may surprise his bride with an impeccable routine for which he has been practicing on the sly for months. The look of surprise on the bride’s face is one of love and admiration. A great wedding photographer should be prepared for anything and observant enough not to miss these special moments.

A shy bride may suddenly come into her own and light up the dance floor. Her gorgeous gown flowing gracefully behind her. The flush of her cheeks and the immovable smile are all she can do to show how happy she really is to have found her soul mate. These are moments every wedding photographer needs to capture.

The first dance is like the gateway to their new life together and every loving glance and tight squeeze and even joke between the bride and groom are memories that will forever be a part of their special day.

Another special dance is the one between father and daughter. This dance is often an emotional time for the dad, who is letting his little girl go, as well as for the daughter, who is leaving the nest to start a life all on her own. A father and daughter always have that special bond that can never be broken but the significance of this last dance is utterly important and really a time to let go. This moment of realization is one that your wedding photographer must capture as a reminder of how much the bride’s dad really loves her.

A wedding photographer is there to capture the occasion but remember that those stolen moment during the lead up to the walk down the aisle can hold memories that would otherwise go unnoticed. Share with your photographer that you want everything on film for a lifetime of memories.

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