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Innovative ideas for Bridal Bouquets

Wedding planning will always be incomplete without flowers. From bride to bridesmaid, flowers will be present in every hand. Even in all wedding photographs that one sees, flowers are everywhere. Choosing a wedding florist can be a big decision. Wedding is a time where a bride would want to look her best. Many brides prefer out-of-the-box, creative bouquets as per the trend. Many would want to try out something that’s not common.

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Original flowers bouquets

This is the first and the most preferred choice for any wedding. But what can be different is the choice of flowers. Instead of going with the lilies and roses, try out flowers like Gerber daisies, Dahlia, Cherry Blossoms, Sweet Pea, Iris and Hyacinth. These flowers are bright, and look beautiful in photographs as well. Ribbons and laces compliment the look and feel of these bouquets.

Pine cone type bouquets

As the name goes, these bouquets are inspired by pine cone. They are basically brown in colour, but can be turned into a different colour through paints. These have a pine cone like shape and on the top, there are flowers made up of burnt wood. Coming up with proper design and shape to wood required special skills – but when complete, look very classy.

Paper flower bouquets

These are made up of paper. These may not give a vintage look to everyone, but are still used by many. The size of the letters on the paper and shape of the flowers can be varied as per the preference. Different coloured paper can be used to give a look of fresh flowers.

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