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What is Blistering?

Painting Services companies often have to deal with the problem of blistering.  Blistering can affect both the interior and exterior of a building. Blistering is what happens when the top coat of paint cannot remain adhered to the one beneath it. It can occur suddenly or can take months to spread its tentacles. Although Latex and acrylic paint are more prone to blistering and bubbling, but no finish is impervious to this malaise.

The companies providing painting services think that the following factors are responsible for creating blistering in buildings.


Before applying a coat of paint the surface area should be dried up properly. If it is not done then blistering is sure to occur. There are certain areas like the basement which tend to be more humid. These areas are prone to blistering.

The Role of Rain

Painting the exterior of a building should not be done before the rains. Painting service  always advice people not to paint a wall that is wet. A stormy weather is not ideal for painting a wall.  Nothing should be painted four hours before the arrival of a storm. Another four hours gap should be maintained after the departure of a storm.

This is so because a humid day can cause water filled blisters on the walls. These blisters can cause irreparable damage to the building. Recurrence of this persistent problem should be eliminated completely. The painting services providers should adopt a holistic approach to solve this problem

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