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What is Pressure Cleaning?

Pressure cleaning is a technique used to clean surfaces. This technique has several advantages over traditional methods of cleaning, the major one being that considerably less water and cleaning agents are used.

Why Pressure Cleaning

You enjoy working in an environment which is clean and free from inpurities. That is why we all like to keep our homes and work places clean. But mantaining the cleanliness is another story, particularly when it comes to cleaning terrraces, roof tops or exterior walls of the building. That is where pressure cleaning can help.

The Process

As it may be apparent from the name, pressure cleaning utilizes water pressure to clean surfaces. Water at very high pressure is sprayed on the area to be cleaned. The pressure dislodges the grime and other deposits on the surface and the water carries it along so that it flows away.

Mechanical sprayers are used to spray the water. These sprayers run on electricity or petrol and the water is routed through a hose. Disinfectants may be used when the area being cleaned has fungal growth or is prone to fungus infestation.

Because it uses only water, this method is also very cost effective.

Professional Help

Rather than attempting to do it yourself, you can call in a professional pressure cleaning company who will do the job effeciently and well. Since they have the required equipment like pumps, hoses and nozzles, you need not invest in the equipment. That means saving on expenses.