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What is Sheepskin?

As the name suggests, sheepskin is the hide of a sheep. It is available in two textures – tanned with the fleece left on or in the form of leather or parchment. Sheepskin gets tanned into leather with the fleece attached on the other side of the skin. Car seat sheep skins covers, wheelchair pads, coats, shoes are some of the ways it is used.

Why Sheepskin?

Sheepskin is lightweight leather, which makes it quite popular. To add to is the aesthetic value it gives to the product made out of this hide. Apart from looking good, it also provides warmth as it an excellent insulator. It is waterproof and the fleece part of the skin is very soft. It is flame resistant and therefore can be used easily in the bedroom as blankets too.


Worldwide the designers use sheepskin leather for making clothes, slippers, furnishings and footwear. Complete jackets or even just the collars are made with the soft part of the hide being stitched inside.

Sheepskins car seat covers, rugs, undercovers are also getting very popular now a days because of the softness and durability of the sheepskin. Even in the medical environment, sheepskin is considered to be very useful when being used as bed or wheelchair pads. The softness and its hypoallergenic nature are help in pressure bedsores treatment.

Because of so many wonderful qualities of the sheepskin leather and fleece, it is getting popular amongst the designers as well.