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What Makes The Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark So Special

Swimming in the ocean with a huge fish can seem like a lot of fun. Swimming with a fish called a whale shark may seem like even more fun. This is why so many people have taken to finding tours that will allow them to swim with a Ningaloo reef Whale Shark. It also makes you wonder what is so special about this particular type of shark that you might want to swim with it as opposed to some of the other types that are out there. You should know what these sharks eat, what makes them so calm and how you will get the chance to be up close and personal with them. With this in mind, you will see why these are very special fish indeed, so you can get excited about getting into the water with them.

What Whale Sharks Eat

It is amazing to think that the world’s second largest fish can survive on eating some of the smallest food available. While many other sharks attack large fish like tuna, the Ningaloo reef Whale Shark is a simple filter feeder. This means that while they do have teeth, they do not use them as a part of how they eat. Instead, they use a series of filters to catch small fish and squid and plankton in their filters that can then be swallowed whole and digested. They pose no risk at all to humans, which is one of the reasons why it is just fine to swim with them and how they get their name in the first place.

Why Whale Sharks Are Calm

Whale sharks are mostly docile fish. The Ningaloo reef Whale Shark swims slowly as if not in a hurry at all. This is because they’re not in any hurry. They don’t have to catch up to their prey. In fact, in most cases, their prey simply swims right into their open mouth. All they have to do is keep moving and they will find all the food they need. They also seem to like to catch the sun from swimming close to the ocean’s surface. This makes it easy to spot the fish from the surface as well as from planes flying overhead. This is why many tour companies use a spotter plane to find these gentle giants.

How to Get Up Close and Personal With Whale Sharks

One of the best ways to get up close and personal with the Ningaloo reef Whale Shark is by going snorkeling with them right after they spawn. They are more relaxed and they are willing to allow you to swim right next to them. By going with an experienced tour guide, you will go right to where the sharks are and you will have everything you need so you can get into the water and have as much fun as you’re looking to have.