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What Services do Plastering Services Offer?

Plastering is an important process that ensures that your walls have the necessary strength and resistance to withstand years of wear and tear. Homes built before the Second World War had fully plastered walls comprising of 3-4 layers of plaster coated over multiple strips of wood known as Laths.

The process might seem very simple but plastering takes a lot of skill and careful measurement of the plaster mix. Numerous DIY kits are available in the market these days, but hire professional plastering services if for best results.

Important kinds of services offered

An internal float and set is a standard plastering process which is achieved by several applications of trowels and then a round of smoothening. This creates a level white finish which serves as a basic look for any wall.

Bag Textured finishes are created by two applications of a special plaster mix and are used commonly as a type of external plaster. This is a relatively simple process which takes less application time and is low cost.

A Glass faced finish with cement dado is done to achieve an extremely durable finish which can withstand constant traffic and harsh weather. Works of art which are featured around gardens and pool sides have this kind of finish. If you appreciate architectural beauty, glass finish will be a perfect choice as age adds a certain kind of dignified beauty to it.

Fancy Cement banding services are provided by a plastering service. Cement bands are created around windows to define them and add to the aesthetic value of the wall.

There are many different kinds of plastering techniques which are used by professional plastering service providers. Creating wall finishes with acrylic and cement based textures require precisely applied processes and should be done in exact accordance with the product manual.

The type of plaster used will depend upon the surface quality, client requirements, climatic conditions and the budget. Whatever be the constraints, professional plastering services will come up with a suitable solution.

Common Plastering Problems
Bad quality of roofing, poor sealing, bathroom plumbing issues are common culprits which cause damaged plaster. As a rule, internal plaster is extremely sensitive to moisture and it will start cracking, peeling and even rotting.

Left for long, your walls begin acting as a breeding ground for mould which can also be a health issue. Only an expert plaster repairing service can tackle this problem.

Cracked renders happen because of incorrect mixing done by workers while plastering. Even slight variations in the ratio of water and plaster products can lead to untimely cracks. Surface level cracks can be temporarily repaired by applying plaster of Paris but deeper cracks need professional care.

If the brickwork of your home/office is old and is on the verge of crumbling, your plastering may be in for big trouble. To prevent insulation and structural problems, call plastering services immediately. The same holds true if you have damaged mortar.

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