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What To Do if You Met with a Car Accident But You Are Not Insured?

A car accident can happen to you anytime anyplace and you usually depend on insurance to bail you out. However, what do you do if you are driving a vehicle that has no insurance? Your green slip (or Compulsory Third Party personal insurance coverage) this will not cover claims for property damages. So how can you minimise your payments or protect your claims? In such a situation you must contact LMK Injury Lawyers in Brisbane to sort out the issue either in court or work out an out-of-court settlement on your behalf.

What to do Immediately after the Accident

It is important for you to collect details regarding the other driver before leaving the scene of the car accident. In case you don’t know his/her name, always note down the registration number of the vehicle and hand it to the authorities for tracking down the vehicle.

Talk to witnesses and record their statement. Request them to give their statement in writing. Witness reports will go a long way in determining which driver was at fault and to what extent. When you don’t have car insurance, this can make a vital difference to your claims or help you to avoid making claims payment.

Record the extent of damage caused to your vehicle. You should also note down all details regarding the scene of the accident like place and time of accident, traffic situation, weather conditions, street lighting, condition of the road etc. and attach photographs if possible.