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What Would Commercial Cleaners Want To Tell You

When you get service from N and B cleaning services, have you thought on the things that they may want to tell you? Actually, you may get a little too relaxed as you know that all you need to do is get your phone, dial their number or schedule cleaning and viola, these commercial cleaners are there waiting for you at your office doorsteps. Contacting them may come very easy, thus giving you all the chances in the world to call them anytime you need their service.

What commercial cleaners would want to tell you

Commercial cleaners are just highly professional, thus they know their limitations or things that they can or cannot tell you, but have you thought sometimes on what are the things that commercial cleaners would want to tell you, only if they can at least?

Can you give me enough space?

If commercial cleaners can speak, they have asked you to give them enough space to do their tasks. Having a lot of people may not be too easy for them to perform cleaning, thus if they can only tell you to leave space for them to move and perform cleaning, they have said so.

Can you give me free snacks?

Why not? Giving them snacks is just an act of appreciation. For sure, they are doing their jobs the best that they can and giving them a break with free food, is something that they all been looking forward to.

I did well, how about an extra pay?

Yes, they are getting paid to clean your office or establishment, but giving them extra or tip, if you see that the cleaning service they performed is beyond your expectations is definitely a good idea. You need not to, but giving them small amount for them to take home, is something that can make them very happy.

Why you contacted us just now?

Very dirty area, surely not something that commercial cleaners would want to see. If they can only say, “why did you contact us just now?!”, try to contact commercial cleaners regularly to avoid piling up of dirt and rubbish. It is not only something for them but of course, something that you would want to do for the benefit of the people in the office or establishment. Do not give your commercial cleaners too much of a hard time, make sure that you contact them on a regular basis.