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Which Rooms to Clean in Residential Cleaning Services

Do you love cleaning? Why not share it with others and start your own residential cleaning services! After a long day at work, customers just want to relax and unwind and let others do the cleaning. They just want to give themselves the some time so they could spend more time with their family relaxing. Being in a residential cleaning services business means that you should be knowledgeable on the types of rooms and how to clean them. Being versatile by being able to clean more rooms can make you gain better profits. Here are the types of rooms you will encounter when cleaning.

First are the bathrooms. Clear all dust and cobwebs. Wipe clean all the basins, mirros, countertops, faucets, tubs and other surrounding areas. Clean and scrub the tiles, both outside and inside the shower area. Don’t forget to sanitize the toilets inside out and finish off by vacuuming and mopping the floor.

Next are the bedrooms. Dust all the surfaces that jut out, especially the baseboards and the window sills. Clean all the furniture, mirrors, hanging picture frames and all the other items which are placed above the furniture. You can also offer to change the linens of the bed into fresh ones. Finish off by vacuuming the whole room.

We now go to the dining room. Thoroughly wipe and dust the small fixtures. You may want to use a silver polishing agent depending on the type of material used for the light fixture. Wipe the table clean, as well as the chairs and the other furnitures. Finish off by vacuuming the room.

When cleaning the living room, dust and clean all the furniture and other items above the furniture. Also dust and wipe clean all surfaces jutting out just like in the bedroom. In the living room, it’s important to take note of vacuuming the furniture, also including areas under the pillows and cushions.

In the laundry room, wipe clean all surfaces including the dryer and the washer. Vacuum, wash and mop the floor.

The Kitchen should receive the most attention from residential cleaning services. Wipe all of the countertops and all the small appliances. Take note of cleaning of the microwave’s insides. Thoroughly clean the drip pans, stovetop, under the hood. Clean cabinets, chairs, appliances, and kitchen tables. Finish by mopping and vacuuming.

Now that you know which rooms to clean for residential cleaning services, you better start practicing! Good luck to you!

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