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Why an Alarm Monitoring System is Better

Help is available readily and arrives within minutes of an alarm being raised. Imagine having a police unit at your home moments after you suspect a burglar has entered your walls. While you are still debating on whether or not to place the call, or are unsure of how to reach the telephone, the call has already been placed on your behalf and help is on its way.

With car alarms and false alarms adding to the noise pollution there is, neighbours and nearby residents cannot always be trusted to respond in crunch situations.

In case you have a burglar in the house, the sound made by the security system should be enough to scare the intruder away. If not, the police will arrive in a few minutes and you will be spared the horror of a huge theft. If you are leaving home for a vacation, this should put your mind at ease.

The Brisbane alarm monitoring system works even when you are not at home and the traditional alarm is turned off. For instance, you can link the smoke detector at home to your alarm monitoring system and it will still raise a fire alarm whether you have turned it on or not.

Home insurance services also offer incentives and savings to homeowners who have an alarm monitoring system at home.

Check that the alarms are installed properly

This is very important to ensure that fake alarms or UFAs do not occur every day. If a sensor is not installed where it should be, it will detect unwanted motion and raise a fake alarm. Smoke detectors and motion sensors should be placed in designated spaces around the house as per instructions.

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