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Why Do We Need to Replace Our Contact Lens?

Contact lenses aids our eyes to see clearly. But with You should follow your optometrist’s advice on wearing, maintaining and replacing your lens. Here are a few situations in which changing your pair of contacts becomes mandatory.

You experience eye irritation

With constant use and wear and tear you will observe that Contact lens surface tends to develop small dents and scratches. These scratches and dents will impair your vision and as a result your eyes are under a lot of pressure. Putting so much stress on your eyes will make them red and watery. Don’t ignore this problem or try curing it only by putting soothing eye drops.

This is actually an indication that you should consider changing your contact lens pair now. Consult your doctor and buy contacts online here.

Your lens keep slipping off the correct position

Contact lenses come with their own sets of specifications about the limits of usage. There are a defined number of hours till which you can use your lens per day and there is also a defined longevity for each pair of lens. Sometimes due to overuse and rough handling or with excessive wear and tear tiny little tears keep forming at the outside edges of the lens. These micro tears change the basic shape of the contact lens and the lens gradually slips off the eye contour or settles in an incorrect position. So when you notice your lens constantly disorienting itself and you have to keep rubbing your eyes to restore your vision it’s a sign that you might have to buy contact lens.