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Why Take Protein Supplements?

Natural food comprises different food groups which means you can never get protein from a particular natural food in the high amount that you desire. Only supplements can give you this edge which is why they are the constant companions of fitness fanatics.

Effects of Insufficient Protein Intake

Research shows that people who engage in regular exercise require more protein than provided by the RDA for non-exercisers. This is irrespective of the category of exercise or your fitness level. In general, diet for exercisers should provide between 1.0gm and 1.6gm of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. This will depend on the duration and intensity of your training. For example, you will require less protein (1.0gm /kg /day) if you have just started exercising while if you have been undergoing training for a longer period, you should aim from a higher intake of protein (1.6gm /kg /day).

Intake of natural growth hormone supplements is great with exercise.

Catabolic and Anabolic State

Catabolism and anabolism are the two states of metabolic activities that occur within your body during regular activities. During catabolic state, energy is produced through digestion and assimilation of food whereas during the anabolic state; this energy is utilized to build and repair muscles and other tissues. When you exercise, your metabolism is at peak which means your body requires and utilizes maximum energy.

Your body starts ‘eating away’ its own muscles in order to produce the required energy if your diet fails to satisfy this increased demand, Also, repair of tissues and rejuvenation of tired muscles take a backseat as producing energy becomes the prime aim. Therefore, a regular diet that is good enough for non-exercisers may not be sufficient for those who exercise regularly and require more energy.

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