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Why You Have Not Relinquished Paper Even in the Technological Age?

You want something etched on in your memory, then you need to try writing it down. Even typing it 100 times on the computer screen does not jog your memory banks and experts say that putting pen on paper to ink down those thoughts and facts makes it last longer within the brain. So learning experts suggests that students who use the age old pen and paper suppliesĀ to learn and retain more.

You make fewer mistakes

Using pen and paper may be laboriously slow, but with patience less mistakes also happen. We are more cautious when we write down the information and would be more focussed on the task. This is also one of the reasons that paper is useful. It helps you to learn and focus on the task on hand. In fact many writers feel that they are able to immerse themselves creatively when they practice writing on paper.

Paper makes you feel

Reading a book is not only a visual experience, you feel complete with the idea of immersing yourself in the thoughts of another person. The same feeling of emotions does not come about while turning the pages on a touch screen mobile or Kindle application. People are more emotional creatures and need to feel textures, sounds and smell to feel more accepted and this does not happen with technology as it lacks an emotional connection.

Handmade papers

A number of paper supplies which are not used often can be grinded in a blender and made into a beautiful handmade paper which is used for various purposes like gifting, making crafts, wrapping etc. These are also great for making greeting cards or invitations and also look attractive when made with multiple colours.