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Why You Should Get a New Build Home Inspected before Buying

When buying a brand new house, most of the people negate the need for Building inspections Southern Highlands because it was approved by the local council inspector, the builder is of high repute or because the house is covered under builder’s warranty. There might be more reason but these are the prominent ones. But you will notice that the faults don’t show up until it is too late. See la jolla real estate

Importance of pre purchase inspection

Having confidence in Bundaberg home builders, warranty and local inspector is a good thing. But even after all this approval it is always better to get a private inspector and thoroughly check for any faults in the house. This is for your own benefit. You need to remember that once you move into the house, repairing and replacing things become difficult.

Also, you might want something extra in the house which the builder hasn’t provided. Making a house inspection will give you an idea about how to install it like an extra faucet in the back yard or an extra electrical connection in the kitchen. Inspection will tell you whether installing that would affect your house in any manner.

In future, you might wish to install a new plumbing extension and hire a plumber for the same. After half the work he tells you that this isn’t possible in your house. You have to pay him his hiring amount though you dint get the connection. This can be avoided if you have your individual detailed house inspection report to refer to and see if the extension is possible.

Only a private property inspector will give you the detailed report of your house.

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