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Work Licenses when you are Charged for Drug Driving

You must be knowing that driving a vehicle on public roads after consuming drugs is a serious offence. If you are caught you will be subject to various degrees of punishment and your license will be revoked. The only way you can salvage the situation (if you cannot afford to be off the roads) is to apply for a temporary license called the drug driving working license.

Due to drug influence, many people are becoming a victim that usually cause them a personal injury.

Different charges for drug driving

The general public is often confused about the option of applying for temporary work licenses when accused with drug driving charges. When a person is caught driving after using a relevant drug or using a drug while driving the police may levy two different kinds of charges.

The first charge is applied when the saliva sample/ blood sample is found to be carrying the illegal drug but the police verification reveals that the driver is not so much affected by the influence of the drug for it to affect his driving. This charge is called “driving with a relevant drug in the system charge”. People who are charged by this can apply for working license.

The second type of charge is levied when the police find out that the driver was heavily under the influence of drugs and was a potential threat to public safety. This is called “being under the influence of a drug” charge. A person charged with this cannot apply for a work license.

Most lawyers will charge a fixed fee which will be briefed during the appraisal at the court.

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