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Your Health Is Herbal Tea Brands Prime Priority

Are you looking for the #1 herbal tea brands? If this is so, then you are definitely at the right place. I tis the day-to-day routine of most people to have a cup of tea at least once a day regardless of the brand or content of the tea while for others, tea is somehow sacred and they tend to have quite a large number of the same.

More often than not, most of us just take our tea absence of the knowledge of what it has got in it, however, being the most reputed organic herbal tea brand in all of Australia, we take it as our obligation to enlighten you on this among other things.

What is herbal tea

When we think of herbal tea, the first thing that you ought to take into consideration is that the tea is chemical free and it also ought to be free of industrial toxins and additives. It is however quite hard for you to get such considering the fact that most industries prioritize profits rather than health.

Initially in most traditions, herbal tea was simply made upon taking the desired flavors, blending them together in hot water after which the tea was ready for you to drink. The main contents of herbal tea are mint and chamomile

What about the contents?

Why choose us among other herbal tea brands? The main reason as to why most of us ought to settle for the herbal tea brands is that it is caffeine free hence there is no way to ‘get hooked’ into only using a specific brand. Most of the tea brands are normally free of caffeine since the main purpose for our choosing it is to better our health rather than just taking it as a beverage.

Caffeine should however be the least of your problems. Most of the companies that claim to provide herbal tea do not even wash it prior to processing it hence leaving you vulnerable to cancer-causing pesticides. You ought to beware of the packing that they use as well since the plastic bags used may be quite dangerous to your health as a result of their synthetic nature.

Upon choosing us as your preferred tea brand however, you have the guarantee of being completely safe. Our plastic bags are made from polythene terephthalate that is verified as being the safest for packing any food products since it does not melt in your tea to pose any possible health risks.

Whereas most herbal tea brands include ‘natural flavors’, we do not have such on our list of ingredients the reason being that you can undoubtedly break down anything that exist naturally to come up with the desired taste that will cover up the low quality taste of the tea but only to later on pose as a health hazard to people.